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In late 2015 Bangor Museum and Art Gallery relocated to the site of the former Bangor Town Hall originally the Bishops Palace. Commissioned to consult on a name for the new building we set to work, with the usage of the building as a starting point - the brand had to represent the primary dual uses of the building as a Museum and Gallery.

The museum recants stories of the past and the gallery displays current work - Stori and Oriel were combined to form the new word STORIEL.

We took the varied shapes of the spaces to create a character identity for the building - the colour palette was developed form source materials relating to the building's original purpose.


Y Fricsan | The Snowdon Inn

Campsite, Bunkhouse and Bakehouse

Little brick emblem for this former pub located along the old railway line from the quarries at Dinorwic to Caernarfon. Now it is a thriving campsite and a traditional bakehouse.



Coding developemnt team.

Kodergarten are a collaborative team of developers based in north Wales who work on headless applications and development projects.


Life Celtic Rainforest Project Branding

Snowdonia National Park

Commissioned by Snowdonia National Park to create a unique brand for the LIFE Celtic Rainforests project - we took the native sessile oak leaf and stylised it in several different ways before finalising the design and treating it with a colour palette derived from native woodland fauna. The customised typeface further enhancing the Celtic element without being too overt with symbolism.


No-Nation Poster Selection

Creative Freedom

I cut my teeth on gig posters in the late 80's and early 90's , still love doing them. They allow a creative freedom and an amazing challenge protraying information in an attractive enough way to get people to an event - it's a responsibility!


Llechan Lân

Type design

Really nice to reference some old hand punched numbers from an old quarry tin lid to create custom house numbers to be copper inlaid in slate - can't wait to see them finished!


Zip World Branding

Development Sub-Branding

For the last three years we have been responsible for the development, refinement and implementation of the Zip World brand. During this period the company grew stratospherically and the sub-branding was as important as the main identity.


Boltholes & Hideaways

Sub-site and sub brand assets 2018

Some playful little additions to the Boltholes suite of endorsed brands.


The Bear Necessities Co.

Events • Tents • Rents. Pitch Perfect

An absolute pleasure to produce this playful little branding. Starting with his nickname Stevie Bear and playing on the Jungle Book song by Baloo we added some nice dual meaning copy that encapsulates his high end bell tent hire business, dj'ing and PA equipment hire with 'Pitch Perfect' - website:


RSPB Cymru 2018

A year in review

What a privilege designing for for the RSPB across Wales - just a few examples of publications, wayfinding & signage, social media & traditional advertising that we've created over the last 12 months.


7x19 Consultancy

Adventure Industry Consultants Branding


FJW Brand

Typographical monagram logo for Faye Joy Winmill - Yin Yogini

Taking influence from traditional Maori moko artwork and photography from the Welsh mountains the ultra clean contrasting typography completes a classic ethereal identity for this New Zealand yoga guide.


Rush Trampoline Parks

Dynamic Illustrations

This set of illustration sketchwrok was produced to introduce a dynamic feeling to the static graphics on the Rush website and to complement the dymaic parts of the website. Different poses were selected and drawn then treated with the graphic styling that we developed whilst updating the brand. Illustrator: Tomos Tulliver at Droplet


The Little Wren

Academy and Studio Identity

We combined a custom stylised 'Little Wren' with classical and contemporary typography and imagery to complete this playful little brand.


Mass Culture

A snowboarding film by The Simpson Brothers

Check out the awesome snowboard movie by The Simpson Brothers - blinking eye by us, for fun!


Rush Trampoline Parks - Identity

Sub-Brand Idents

In order to segment the market effectively for Rush we brought in distinctive identities using the brand styles that we'd already developed.


Gwyn a Gwyn Properties

Brand Development Work


South Caernarfon Creameries

Dragon Brand and Packaging Update

A recently completed overhaul of the Dragon brand. The logo and typography have been updated to bring all the products, packaging and collateral materials inline - we have introduced new colour palettes and supplementary branding to reinforce the true Welshness of the company. After an extensive brand and packaging consultancy period the roll out is ongoing.


Off the Ground

Aerial Imaging and Photography

A typo/topo-graphical branding integrating adapted contour graphics and landform colour palette. Have a look at what these guys do and see the brand in action here


National Trust Penrhyn Castle

Amser/Time Summer exhibitions with James Harrison and Manon Steffan Ros

Droplet created the Amser/Time brand for the National Trust representing historic periods of Penrhyn Castle for a series of events and exhibitions throughout Summer 2018. We also created supporting literature for Manon Steffan Ros and her 12 Stories and wayfinding and advertising materials for the property and further afield.


Zip World Website

2018 Major Site Design Upgrade

In mid to late 2018 we designed the interfaces for a major sitewaide upgrade for Zip World which significantly improved the customer experience through the booking flow and visual depiction of the adventures. At the same time we improved the visual representation of the restrictions information, cross sell modals and intra-siteand intra-adventure sales information.

In addition to the graphic development we had significant input into the UX/UI and customer booking portal graphic design in order to guide the user seamlessly through the booking process - this drastically reduced caller numbers to the booking centre and freed up staff time.


Molly Albin Photography

Resumé Layout

Well if you can't big up your daughter! Molly's resumé cover and one of her shots for her final degree show. Great to have a talented photographer in the family.


Rosalind Holgate Smith Branding

Brand Development Work

This is the brand concept work we've developed using photographic imagery combined with the artists own sketches to create a unique identity.


DMM Workbook 2019

Dragonfly Cam Cover Illustration

Marking the release of the DMM 'Dragonfly Cam' we created this cover graphic for the DMM 2019 Workbook using the design drawings of the component parts of the cam.


Iard Hendre

Weddings, workshops and a place to hire

A new identity for Iard Hendre incorporating architectural elements and key features, and coloured using a victorian palette. See the identity in action on this Squarespace site we put together at


Honey Brothers

Development Branding and Copywriting work on the Honey Brothers Brand


Zip World Adventure Highway

Branding and Microsite

One of the little spin off brands we created for Zip World. The Adventure Highway is a microsite for an interactive journey between ZW sites giving possibleitineraries and points of interest along the way. We designed the branding first and then developed the visuals for the web portal, site and mapping.


Harrison’s Garden

Clocks Exhibition Sketch Work


Snowdonia National Park

Snowdon Partnership Plan 2018

Really nice to have been asked to put together this document to help inspire the direction and future of the park, and have been given the freedom to inform the design and flow of the document to make it accessible and interesting.


Medd Mynydd

Branding and Labels

The Medd Mynydd brand typography combines the English 'Mead' and Welsh 'Medd' to create an elegant bilingual solution. The cap emblem is designed using the four M's from Medd Mynydd Mountain Mead and the repeat pattern combines bees, honeycomb and flowers bordered by an outline of the foothills of the Glyders as viewed from the meadery building.


DMM Magazine 2018

We were really stoked to be allowed the freedom to develop the design and graphic styles for the first DMM Magazine.


DMM Climbing Workbook 2018

Climbing gear idents

Using technical drawings and traced outlined of the DMM Climbing range, Droplet created these category idents for the sections of the catalogue



Website design

The Atom PR site was heavily built around the stunning landscape photographs of Elgan Jones with a strong sense of place and local identinty for the company. The site was purposefully kept slick an functional whilst also being dynamically driven and responsive.


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